The following feedback was kindly provided by our customers:

Bird life has been enjoying the Sunflower hearts and the Wild Bird Food Ground Mix seed. We have had Starlings, Sparrows, Robins, Wrens and Goldfinches visiting and are enjoying seeing the birds as results of using the bird seed. Would recommend the seed.


I have been buying Premium seed mix for a while and I find it a good all round consistent food, reasonably priced which I would recommend as I have many birds who come every day to my feeding station, including a pair of jackdaws who last year had two chicks, as well as the usual sparrows, starlings and collared doves. There is no wastage and any seed dropped on the ground gets eaten by a pair of robins that have just arrived to my garden.


I buy the extra mix wild bird food and it attracts many different birds to my garden, they range form starlings, dunnocks, blackbirds, thrushes and sparrows. In the bird feeders I mainly use sunflower hearts and now have an amazing amount of finches, golden finches, green finches and chaffinches all eat from the feeders. Sometimes we have a woodpecker who comes in as well but his favourite is the suet logs and blocks. The feeders are filled daily and at present we have four on the go. I also buy millet as I have a very healthy flock of sparrows with anything from 5 to 20 odd eating at any one time. The seed that lands on the floor is not wasted as the squirrels feed of the dropped bits as well as hanging upside down for a share. And just occasionally a sparrow hawk flies in not good for the small birds but thats the food chain and it is still amazing to see.


SPC Select provide their own recipe seed mixes in zip lock bags which are clearly and informatively labelled. As soon as I put my hand in the bag I noticed the clean and excellent quality seed straight away… Read my full review!

LJayNature (Guest Blogger at SPC Select)

I have just tried the Spikes hedgehog food for the first time, I have two hedgehogs that I have fostered so they are not allowed to hibernate because of their size. The spikes dry and moist food they love and are eating about a handful of each every night along with meat cat food in gravy and live meal worm this will help them put weight on and they will then be ready for a soft release in the spring time. This is the first time I have tried and I will be getting more as the warm weather we are having the garden hedgehogs are about and hungry so they also have this.


Overall, for the quality and prices of these mixes from SPC Select- I would recommend purchasing from them, by purchasing from SPC Select themselves, you are helping a business, helping the avian kind and helping charities… Read my full review!

Dan Rouse (Guest Blogger at SPC Select)

Just wanted to let you know how well the wild birds are doing in my garden. The birds really love your mealworm and mixed seed which is encouraging new bird life into my garden, quality is constant. I would never dream of going anywhere else for it.


SPC’s wild bird seed, (no mess no grow) is excellent, birds love it, can’t eat it quick enough in my garden and the added bonus of not having to pull out any random growth is very helpful, any that spills from the bird feeder is cleared by the blackbirds as well. Good value too.


We buy all our wild bird food from SPC, from worms to seed…the birds are an absolute delight in our back garden!