Monthly Photo Competition

Chance to Win £50 of Wild Bird Food!

If you enjoy sharing your photos, then go ahead and enter our monthly photo competition. The photo needs to be one you have taken of either nature, wildlife, wild birds, or of your pets that you are happy to share with us (and everyone else)!

Please only enter the competition if you are happy with your entry and name to be shared, as we often show entries on social media and on our website. After all, we don’t think it’s fair just to keep them to ourselves!

At the end of each month, the winner will be picked entirely at random. The winner will receive £50 worth of wild bird food. If you love competitions, then visit Competition Database, Loquax and Prize Finder for a huge selection of UK competitions.

Congratulations to Julie in Cornwall who won September’s Photo Competition!

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Previous entries:

Great Tits FeedingAnya
“Nice lunch.”

“I think this photo depicts the very essence of summer.”

Robin at SunsetJoanne
“Singing robin at sunrise.”

“Heidi our very pretty but extremely timid cat.”

Robin in KitchenAli
“Rockin robin, my little kitchen visitor.”

Robin in Winter SunSarah
“Robin in the winter sun”

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