SPC Select Wild Bird Seed – Ground Mix

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Attracts Ground Feeding Birds  |  High Energy  |  Nutritious  |  Wheat Free

Our Ground Mix wild bird seed is great for attracting ground feeding birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and robins and is packed with juicy sultanas, sunflower hearts and peanut granules. The sunflower seeds have had their shells removed to get to the tasty hearts inside and the peanuts are broken up into small pieces, both of these provide a high-energy and oil rich food. Also, with suet pellets and dried mealworm, this really is an irresistible wild bird feed. This nourishing wild bird food will also be eaten by other birds and can be fed from a bird table as well as on the ground. SPC Select Wild Bird Seed Mixes are cleaned to over 99% purity!

Suitable For: Ground Feeding & Bird Tables. Feed Year Round.

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26kg & 52kg are supplied in multiples of 13kg bags for easier handling. 
Samples are delivered free UK wide. They are supplied in 250g packs, enough to fill an average 2 port seed feeder.

Please Note: Raisins can cause serious kidney problems if consumed by dogs.

Ingredients: Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Maize, Naked Oats, Kibbled Maize, Raisins, Berry Suet Pellets, Peanut Granules and Dried Mealworms.

Feeding: Feeding the birds year round has the additional benefit of them knowing where to go for food when natural resources are in short supply. They also benefit from the extra energy that these seeds will provide for them at various times of the year, including during the winter months when food is harder to find, during the breeding and moulting season and also before migration.

Reviews: “This mix is packed with juicy raisins, sunflower hearts and peanut granules and hardly creates any dust. As soon as I turned my back, the first to hop along and investigate was the blackbird, which was quickly followed by many house sparrows, then dunnocks and robins. It was suddenly a feeding frenzy as the birds gobbled up what they could.” L Jay