SPC Select Wild Bird Seed – No Grow & No Mess Mix

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No Grow | No Mess | High Energy | Nutritious | Wheat Free | Best Seller

Our No Grow & No Mess Mix is one of our most popular wild bird seed mixes and is packed full of oil rich and high energy sunflower hearts and peanut granules, which along with the rest of the mix is ideal for attracting a wide variety of birds to your garden. Also since the sunflower seeds have been taken out of their shells there will be no husks left on the floor and no unwanted plants growing as the seeds are unable to germinate. From small birds to large this nutritious energy packed wild bird food is a favourite. SPC Select Wild Bird Seed Mixes are cleaned to over 99% purity!

Suitable For: Seed Feeders, Bird Tables & Ground Feeding. Feed Year Round.

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26kg & 52kg are supplied in multiples of 13kg bags for easier handling. 
Samples are delivered free UK wide. They are supplied in 250g packs, enough to fill an average 2 port seed feeder.

Ingredients: Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules, Pinhead Oatmeal, Kibbled Maize.

Feeding: Feeding the birds year round has the additional benefit of them knowing where to go for food when natural resources are in short supply. They also benefit from the extra energy that these seeds will provide for them at various times of the year, including during the winter months when food is harder to find, during the breeding and moulting season and also before migration.

Reviews: “…the seeds are unable to germinate meaning there’ll be no unwanted plants growing in your feeders or around your feeders. This mix is ideal for Tables, Ground and Feeders. I got a lot of attention from the birds using this mix…” Dan Rouse

“SPC’s wild bird seed, (no mess no grow) is excellent, birds love it, can’t eat it quick enough in my garden and the added bonus of not having to pull out any random growth is very helpful, any that spills from the bird feeder is cleared by the blackbirds as well. Good value too.” Pam