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Should I feed raw food to my dogs?

Raw diets in our opinion are great when fed correctly to dogs. This does require a certain amount of research so you can decide on the type of raw diet that you feel is right for your dog. There are many opinions of what is the correct way of doing this, as you need to be able to provide a range of nutrition for your dog from a variety of food types, normally this will include the meat content, bone matter and vegetable matter.

However, many people find it difficult or choose not to do this for various reasons. The main reasons we have found that people choose an alternative food is the following….

  • Raw meat will be on the floor, which has its own health issues, especially with young children.
  • Depending on the raw diet you choose to feed you may have to source a variety of ingredients.
  • Raw normally means that some of it, if not all will be frozen, so you have to remember to remove from the freezer and plan in ahead of time.
  • Raw or wet food is attractive to flies, especially in the summer months.

If you decide raw is not for you then try our grain free range, which contains a minimum of 50% meat and sweet potato and gives your dog all its nutritional requirement in a kibble.

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