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Why do my pets need fat in their diet?

Fat is an essential part of your animal’s diet. It not only provides a source of energy, but is also required for the healthy growth of muscles and cells. Fat is also important for the body to be able to absorb certain vitamins. The main fat content generally comes from the meat source and any added fats such as fish oils.

We tend to look at fat content first and foremost in the analytical information of a food we are looking at to feed our animals. If an animal is fed the amount recommended from the guidelines on the packaging it is unlikely your animal will put excess weight on. It is important to remember that guidelines are just that and the individual animal’s age and activity levels all have to be taken into account. Also, the guidelines are assuming that they are the only food source. In most households this is not the case, which means you need to take into account every extra treat you give your animals.

If you have an animal that has a problem with excess weight, then consider a light (weight controlled) version of the food. This will normally have a lower fat content and generally allows you to still feed a similar amount of food.